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模倣子 Immunomemetics and Conservatism

I'm going to be writing a novel this November as a textbook for Macromemetics. I want to illustrate the basic principles and some of their functions in allegorical stories with a constant group of characters.

People voting against their 'economic interest' and working class support for 'conservatism' can by mystifying. I suppose if one swallows 'economics' whole and tacitly takes as gospel that all human motivations come down to economics, then indeed it does seem odd. However, macromemetics, as a superset of economics, may be able to provide explanations above and beyond what economics can. For one is the First Law of Immunomemetics tells us that a memetic system seeks to protect itself (1), and conservatism may offer a double-whammy to all comers in that just like any megamemetic system, it contains an immunomemetic system to keep it from getting changed or replaced, but the memetic system itself is also about anything else not get changed or replaced.  Progressivism, Liberalism, Revolutionary Communism, and so forth, on the other hand, are not only about changing most of what is going on and how people are acting and thinking (anybody remember that guy Mao Tse-Tung?) but also about actively changing and updating themselves as more is revealed in the course of the onward and upward fight.

In other words, no meme is safe in the one case, and every meme is sacrosanct in the other. This could loosely translate into every meme has at least one other meme dedicated to protecting it, and in the other case (progressivism, et al) there may be no protection for a great many memes in the system.

Moralizing and Misogyny
Are so-called conservatives equally hate-filled in other countries than the USA? Is it an accident that oppression of women, gays, minorities, the poor always seems to be the 'conservative' agenda?

(1) Any stable memetic system must contain an immunomemtic system.

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