The Cheapest Restaurant in Lisbon

Climbing an uphill street
A quest for the cheapest restaurant in Lisbon
What better goal for a starving student?
A deafening "Psssst!" in my ear
Like someone would whisper in a quiet movie house
It's coming from across the street
A woman, black miniskirt and pink top
"You wanna make fuck with me?!"
I say it's against my religion
I meet her again coming downhill
She shows me some Monopoly® money
And asks if it's real American money
She swears and stalks off at my answer
When, at last, the restaurant, they ask me the same
And laugh when I say it was jugete
They say if you build a better mousetrap
The mice will beat a path to your door
I wish I had a product that sells itself
No worries about marketing or billing
Maybe I should have taken her on
Lost my virginity in a deserted alleyway
Somewhere between Boardwalk and Park Place
But I had left all my Monopoly® money
Somewhere along the mean streets of childhood

April is National Poetry Writing Month

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