Sunday, March 5, 2017

模倣子 Neologisms

After-Birth Party: n. a gathering of friends and well-wishers right after the baby is born, where they cook and eat the placenta. Typically arranged by the midwife.

Blivit: n. Two pounds of shit in a one-pound bag. (From the JAD lexicon)
Charity Giggles: n. Laughing when something's not really funny, just to be nice. Also a good stripper name.

Choloaches: n. extra-badass cockroaches.
Coincidence: n. When you have exact change. As opposed to "coïncidence".

Constipated expression: n. A pattern declaration that fails to recognize the string class you want it to. Opposite: Regular expression.

Contweeze: adj., v. Able to be expressed pithily in 140 characters or less, or to skillfully edit something down to 140 characters.
dramapolize: v. to grab all the attention by emoting excessively over someone else's pain, especially a pain that one cannot fully grasp.

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