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模倣子 Memetic Index

Memetic Materials
Web Comics Whole Comic Index
Dr. Quack: circumcision
Schrodinger's Catachresis:  memetic invasion, MIAOs, etc.
Mop and Broom Con: MIAO, memetic systems, memeplex inconsistency
Porcadis University: general overview, meme types
2nd Coming: memetic system engineering, memetic inurment
Zeppelin: Battle over Ferrisburgh: inconsistency of immunomemes, disinurement
At the office (SCARE): memetic engineering, MIAOs
Essays I got as far back as April 2014. Full, uncategorized, unformatted index HERE.

Memetics Essays from late 2016 onwards
2015 Memetic Index

Memetic Glossary

How do immunomemes function? Do they have a basic structure
What happens when an immunomeme is deployed?

"People Aren't 'Mean'" - immunomemes and socially-sanctioned bullying
What does "being mean" mean?
Knee-jerk immunomemes
Mindless Kibbitzing as an Omniphageous Immunomeme
Immunomemes and Stability
Dormant Immunomemes and Social Change

General Theory
Memetic Rewards and Memetic Closure (loops)
Residual Memetic Rewards and Cohort Membership, Apathy, etc.
The Pervert's Guide to Ideology, greater granularity provided by Memetics
Rabbidinal/Priestly Class and Packing of the Memespace

Emergent Properties of Second Languages
Memetic Analysis of Texts 
Sex and the City Analysis
Words as Memes
The durability of word MIAOs
Labels as MIAOs
Memetic Debt (and Libidinal Bribes), Design Choice of Libidinal Bribes
Memetic Invasion (Incursion) and Memetic States 

Memetic Nexus and the Rock Star
Power and Nexuses
Constructing Memetic Nexuses

Chick Legitimization Effect
Mating Strategies and Phase Transitions
Sex, Power Laws, and Networks 

Group Behavior
The Memetics of Genocide and Intergenerational Abuse, and Psychology and Notation 
Musings on Crypto-Fetishism and Polyarchy while sitting in a Japanese Lolita Maid Café

Recycling and other fads, and Memetics
Contact Memes and the Corporation
Memetic Pathways and "Apathy"
Representation of and Identity of "a group", "imaginary memetic cohorts"
Imaginary enemies, ("frustrated") claims of intent being reality, etc.
Bullying of those nasty (but imaginary) "cheese-dicks"
Making Memetic Money as a Liberal Artist
Stating Rules and Values actually Weakens Them

Advantages of Circumcision
Circumcision and the Burden of Empire
Mandela/Khrushchev-esque Circumcision Backlash
The confused pseudo-logic around circumcision  
Feminism and Circumcision
Giving up circumcision
Sloppy logic around circumcision
Question-begging immunomemes around circumcision
How circumcision memetically targets disadvantaged populations, and a research project

Memetic Engineering
The nature of brand logos and names
A toolbox for rapid branding
Childbirth and Memetic Engineering

Choosing NOT to engineer memeplexes means they will form on their own
Social Cheating and the Tragedy of the Koffee Klatch
The (imaginary) Intent behind Bullying as an Immunomeme (need to be added to)
The Role of Bullying in Immunomemetics
Implied memes as tools of control
Social Conformity and Anthropomorphicization of Abstractions
Racist Iconography and Liberation of Minimal Elements (Tigerlily)
Internal Branding (Emptor Gratia Artis)
Talk is Expensive - saying and not doing worse than nothing

MIAOs, Iconography, and memetics in Inside Out
Memetic Iconography in Norwegian Black Death Metal
Star Trek Iconography - why does it work?
People who pretend to be Indians ("Pretendians")

Hidden Gender Stereotypes
Accidental Grammatical Female Exceptionalism
The Economics of Men's vs. Women's consumer goods
Women get chiseled?
Semiotics and Internalized Oppression

The Importance of Women's Liberation
Cost-Benefit of Female Power
Undercutting Female Power
Differing Perspectives of the Genders
Male vs. Female Science
Immunomemes that slip under the feminist radar when you pee standing up
The most sexist sign (icon/MIAO) in America (and again)
Trying to construct reproductive health iconography, with text , and text not on the photo
The advantages and disadvantages of forced separateness
Sexual Iconography and taking dying during sex seriously
The implications of "consent"
Concrete and abstract fallout from bad crypto-pseudo-feminist iconography
Oppression that can and cannot be changed
Is Gender Equality even possible?
How far can the system bend before it breaks?
The imaginary intentions of others as a MIAO
Reënforcing and paying homage to "The Patriarchy"
Why lie when you could just say nothing (about what will hurt you anyway...)?
YouTube TED Talks by Daniel Dennett on consciousness, by Sarah Blackmore, et al
 The Illusion of Consciousness, Daniel Dennett
Consciousness Explained, Daniel Dennett (and other videos)
Evolution - Part 1 of 7, Darwin's Dangerous Idea documentary
Books The Meme Machine book examined 
Virus of the Mind, Richard Brodie
Consiousness Explained, Daniel Dennett
Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Daniel Dennett
Need to get a lot of stuff by Daniel Dennett on cosciousness, etc.
A bunch of article on Susan Blackmore's Plymouth University website

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