Mermaid CCCXL

Frills on her fins and small fins on arms. I wonder if I should try that sort of stuff. Maybe on Umiko and Xan? I've thought of making Honquèrelle more trout-like.


漫画 Intro to Programming

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This is the fully drawn and inked version of the rough version, which is just pencil or even sketches. I will do the whole thing in finished style and make a book. I am also trying to rush out the rougher version since my son and a work colleague are studying programming at present.

how to put a deck in order (really split into suits)

pancake stack

Inking of old stuff

big O

November 20th
what are the postconditions

write code like real men

Chibi binary search

One more here for end of first volume (32?) lulu gets her skirt blown up for a preview of bottom-up

Cover and we are done with the first volum/preview e?