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A "nurse" cuts her baby boy

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Bekah Smith Ashley Wellen Again, apologies to those who may be "allergic to math", but this may closer to the meaning of Luke 23:34 ("Father forgive them for they know not what they do") than all this Galatians 6:15 nonsense. If the "100 babies die of circumcision per year" is to believed (and I counted some eight deaths in the first couple of months of 2014 without really paying attention), and given a million or two circumcisions per year, that means your baby boy has a one in ten thousand chance of DYING from circumcision. Okay, for the math-challenged, this is approximately equivalent to laying out on each of ten small tables twelve rows of fifteen revolvers, so 15 guns going to the side and 12 going up, and ONE of them has a bullet in one of the chambers. The doctor picks up one of them and hands it to you, your little baby boy is lying there, strapped down, looking trustingly up at you, cooing, and you point the gun into his little face and pull the trigger. Would you do it? Because that is what you're doing.

Don't play "Deer Hunter" with your kid!

Oh, and of course that doesn't take into account "botched" circumcisions and forced gender reässignments and such, and all the non-fatal problems, which are much, much more common.

This is just too amazing:
Brittany Jacobelli I am a horrible mom and a skank! My son and my fiancé are both circumcised and guess what?? My next son will be too! If you guys are so against in America and think Europe is so great for not doing how about you to the fuck over there??? And for one, who in the fuck does getting her son circumcised make Bekah Smith a skank??? So you even know what a skank is? And to try and say you hope she has cancer on her face? Like how is that any better then cutting off some extra skin, cancer kills, cutting fore skin doesn't. RUDE. And another thing you know what else America has a big problem with CYBER BULLING which is what you girls are doing your bulling the mothers who have made the decision to circumcise their son. How about you fight against that too?? If it is so bad and inhuman like them wtf do doctors still do it?? If our body is perfect just the way God intended in then why do ppl get tattoos and piercings?? Or hope about why do ppl wear makeup and dye their hair?? It's extra skin for crying out loud they obviously found something medically wrong with it or they wouldn't have started cutting it off. Do you plan on fucking my son?? No so why the fuck is it any of your business what condition his penis is in?? Is it any of your business what kind of relationship I have with my son when he gets older?! No so shut the fuck up and go about you lives! There is sick ppl out there stealing children and raping them then murdering them how about you take your protest shit somewhere else where it matters. Their are little babies that have cancer and fighting for their lives and I can almost bet you anything they wouldn't give a flying fuck on if they were circumcised or not they just wanna live!!! How about you go fight for their lives and take your argument to their parents who are sending them through radiation and making them sick and their hair fall out and doing whatever it takes to keep their child alive why don't you call them skanky bad moms that are just the most disgusting parents and hope they get cancer too for putting their child through that and see if one don't punch you in the fucking face?!

Kelsie Patton I'm not sure I follow the distinctions you're making. If somebody beats their kid up, or doesn't give them food, or doesn't give them their insulin or other medicine, does that make them a bad parent? If so, would you be wrong for NOT telling somebody, like the police or CPS, about it, especially if the abuse were repeated and severe? Is that "my place" to do that, in some cases like that?
It seems that if you take a knife or pay somebody else to take a knife and cut off part of your son's body, especially sexual anatomy, then the onus is on YOU to show that it's not the same thing, that it's not horrible child abuse. Does that make sense?
So are you suggesting that, like with all other forms of child abuse, where the reporting person agonizes for a while before finally deciding that yes, it's bad enough and it's happening all the time, I should do something, that it is or is not their business to do so? That we are or are not responsible as members of society to protect children, even the children of others, even children not yet born?
Circumcision is more "clear-cut" (so to speak) because it's already been done. If you see a little (American) boy's penis, there is a big scar running all the way around it (and it's very upsetting when HE finds out that's what it is) and his foreskin is missing. That's physical evidence. Just like if their were a big burn scar on his back where mommy punished him by dumping hot grease on him. The reporting person could just tell the authorities that they saw the scar and that would speak for itself, no need to be called as a witness.
Even if parents who do cut their son's penises or dump hot grease on them or deliberately break a bone only do it once, does that mean they "get a freebie"? That they're not bad parents? You did it, it's over, it's kind of your right as a parent anyway, so it would be rude to talk about it?
I kind of see it as my business to a degree because if somebody raises a psycho or just a severely maladapted person, then my kids are going to have to share the world with that person. Plus I'm a human being and I hate to see other humans (or any animals) treated cruelly -- supposedly it's a human trait, moreso than with some other animals. In that sense, if somebody engages in or advocates horrible parenting practices, that person should be called out, and it's a valuable social debate to consider such things.
Kelsie Patton, Bekah Smith, I guess it doesn't occur to you the ludicrousness of something like "some men like having less sensitivity because they can last longer". Would you believe somebody if they said, because their mum thought it was a brilliant idea to flay all the sensitive skin and Meissner's corpuscles (soft touch nerve endings) off of their fingertips, "Oh, I LOVE   it how it takes me longer to type anything because I can't feel the keys except for the resistance against my fingers!" or "sometimes I can't finish typing something at all and get so frustrated because of my lack of sensitivity -- I LOVE   that!"

Am I to take it that you've never had a man going at you for over an hour or multiple hours where you had to reäpply lube over and over again and still you got so sore that you just wanted it over with and maybe even STILL he (and maybe you either) couldn't finish? Does it sometimes seem like he's not paying attention to you? When you ladies say "oh, my husband/boyfriend is circumcised and he's fine" do you actually believe that the times (maybe every time) when he has to think about other women in order to maintain his arousal, because of the lack of physical sensation (especially if he has a condom on), and get to climax (which is the main/only time he gets to feel anything), that he would TELL you this?

If you have any doubts that all of this is "a thing", then you have not watched television or movies or stand-up comedy in the United States of America. If you just haven't been paying attention, and I may have ruined TV and movies for you from now on. Your husbands/boyfriends almost certainly notice these references, but they sail past without mention because they simply know them to be true.

The prepuce is a natural mechanical lubricant, so the intact penis is "rolling" inside of you with much less or no friction, and that's the way it should be. No lube needed just to make the movement non-painful or not leave the woman sore afterwards, even after long periods (America uses 75% of the world's lube with 5% of the world's population). The man has to learn control, but that's true of cut guys, too, just that the intact man has more sensation to work with in order to maintain that control. Plus, since it actually FEELS GOOD during, an intact man doesn't have the drive to rush to climax, and doesn't have to concentrate hard on not losing his arousal and so has more attention he can pay to you.

More sensitivity is GOOD. It is ALWAYS good. :)

Just a suggestion: the next time you type or cut-and-paste something that sounds completely absurd or insane like "less sensitivity is better", maybe DON'T, or at least check around to see if it is in fact completely absurd, because it probably IS. Remember the whole ducks quack, ducks walk, they're DUCKS, thing? Go with that.
Ashley Wellen Bekah Smith It's not about "extra sexual pleasure" per se. Something like 80-90% of the nerves, the sensitivity is cut about (circumcision is a sloppy process), but it's all the Meissner's corpuscles (found elsewhere only in the palm of the hand and the lips) that are destroyed. One result of this is that an intact man has three times the feeling WITH a condom than a cut man without. This makes unprotected penetrative intercourse the main and final objective for the cut man, which pushes him and all of his partners into a world of unwanted pregnancy and STDs, which is exactly what we see in the USA, i.e., a much higher rate of both. That's what you're putting your sons into.


詩 Kite

Why do I fight?
Why do I confront
the challenges that come at me?

Is it from the hope
That things will get better?
Or that they will remain the same?

All I know is how I feel
The restlessness of maintaining hope
Like a candle fluttering in the wind
Of the gusts of adversity
And the weary gale of daily routine

Now, feet firmly planted on this ground
I hold the string of a kite
Even when anxious at the wind
At times too strong or too weak
I feel no need to leave

The wind is all the same
But now I ride
Rather than try to simply survive

漫画 特長

漫画の全て — 英語版今の話の全て


詩 Rush

Thoughts of dusk crowd in
Only the flurry of activity for its own sake
Keeps them at bay

There is no end nor any beginning
Pauses have no cause to start again
Headlong rush seeks no pause but exhaustion

Spirituality holds its breath
Art becomes mere distraction
Until I see you again


Everything's better uncircumcised!

Easy-light Cigar, "Soloman".  I'll never go back, now. The foreskin means it lights easily and burns evenly!
...and a nice cappuccino!

Japanese Class


漫画の全て — 英語版今の話の全て

詩 The Stream of Longing

My engineering mind recoils
at the admission of powerlessness
That comes from knowing that
The shape of the hole in my soul
Can only be known
After it has been filled

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Cupid's vellum in tatters
From the slings and arrows
Of the urgency of routine
Now stitched together like new
By the stream of longing


詩 Sunset

Kind Hypnos does not tarry to my lonely bed
And 'ere again I lift my head
It is the dawn of Helios' commute

In one hand, whips impel his firey stallions hot
The other grips mocha lattè, double-shot
His chariot rises, blazing, equine nostrils flaring
Morning Drive Time Show over radio blaring

Unlike Apollo, I need no such libations
To stir me to my morning occupations
The embrace of warm skins bereft of comfort
I kick off and hug instead cold distractions

Diff'rent whips propel my solar compass
I must fill these hours of Apollo's flight
Until I face again that lonely couch
And lay down thereto when it again be night


NaNoWriMo is Coming...

Oh, the Tri-Cities have become ML-less (Allerlandesschreibwettestädtischverbindungführerinlose, in German -- so succinct!) after many years of being a very active area.

Please let me know if there are things you'd like to see happen in our area. I'm planning to keep the Saturday write-in, add probably a Tuesday and Thursday one at OWC (do we like the big room or regular seating?) and Bucer's (they have reserved space as well) or elsewhere? I'll bring healthy snacks as much as possible. I may try to make  "CARE packages" to give out at the start. I'll try to schedule all the write-ins well in advance that we not have last-minute problems with the venues. I'm thinking NOT have midnight kickoff party but DO have cross-border Anschluß / TGIO party until midnight at Shari's like always (in the back). We CAN do a thanksgiving thing if that's wanted--I plan to be around.  Of course I'll give free writing/"writer's block" avoidance cheerleading / coaching to all that want it.

Anyway, it's only three months away. I'm going to try to wrap up one or two editing projects by then.

漫画 Schrödinger Front Cover

Whole ComicWhole Current Vignette


Insurance for Circumcision

I wrote to my insurance company and they wrote me back.  They do cover it, but I'm going to keep the dialogue going.  I got some recommendations on Facebook so far.
I'll have to upload what I wrote and their reply.


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The Poets of Porcadis
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Lulu Meets the Blue Horn People Lulu's advisor leads her and her fellow students on a fantastical jaunt into a workshop of anthropology, biology, and ultimately memetics and memetic engineering.
#StandByYourMan Lulu visits the Blue-Horned People again to illustrate a new memetic subsystem she’s working on to make the world a better place.
Lulu's Internship at SCARE
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Lulu's starts interning at a local company to help them transform their business processes using the memetic analysis & engineering skills she's learning at school.
Growth Experience Lulu talks about the effects of sustained rapid growth on organizational culture (comic book).
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Mop & Broom Con Lulu & Penny are taken on a study trip to the nerdy, feminist Mop & Broom Con.
Financial Intelligence Upon hearing Lenny & Sparky's timeworn refrain about how broke they are, Lulu treats them to coffee (again!) and tries to teach them (and you!) her method of keeping track of her money and growing her Financial Intelligence, Financial Integrity, and ultimately (hopefully) reaching financial security.
Cloud of Dreams Lulu & Lenny meet a new friend in East Porcadis Park, and they all discover that there's more going on at Lenny's place of work than meets the eye.
Better Half Lulu & Penny get kidnapped by aliens (again) and everybody learns a lot about the human condition, maybe more than some ever wanted to know.
Step Forth Casey confronts some inner truths about himself, his self-image, his relationship to himself and others, and to women in particular.
To War! Deb and Lulu go to see Nick and Guillermo off only to find that they may all be confronting dark forces they have only just begun to understand and which may lead to civil war.
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