NaNoWriMo is Coming...

Oh, the Tri-Cities have become ML-less (Allerlandesschreibwettestädtischverbindungführerinlose, in German -- so succinct!) after many years of being a very active area.

Please let me know if there are things you'd like to see happen in our area. I'm planning to keep the Saturday write-in, add probably a Tuesday and Thursday one at OWC (do we like the big room or regular seating?) and Bucer's (they have reserved space as well) or elsewhere? I'll bring healthy snacks as much as possible. I may try to make  "CARE packages" to give out at the start. I'll try to schedule all the write-ins well in advance that we not have last-minute problems with the venues. I'm thinking NOT have midnight kickoff party but DO have cross-border Anschluß / TGIO party until midnight at Shari's like always (in the back). We CAN do a thanksgiving thing if that's wanted--I plan to be around.  Of course I'll give free writing/"writer's block" avoidance cheerleading / coaching to all that want it.

Anyway, it's only three months away. I'm going to try to wrap up one or two editing projects by then.

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