Mermaid Halloween 2018

Mermaid Halloween

Happy Halloween, and National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow!!


漫画 Little Slack in Deployment Theory

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By theory, an agent has little choice in which memes he can deploy, and which are likely to yield a reward. Often, there are none, or the reward is very low.
This may mean that it's easy to squeeze out apathy memes. It may also mean that it's easy to build a memeplex to harness local knowledge (about which tools I have in front of me) to use the memetic fabric as an efficient communication network and active mnemonic device.

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漫画 Like a Nudist in a Nudist Resort

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Like a nudist, who would normally expect a strong (often negative) reaction to getting naked in front of others, gets a reward in the form of nobody reacting to their nudity in a nudist resort, the apathetic gets rewarded by nobody doing anything about their apathetic behavior.
The structure of the memetic loop(s) in both reward systems is unconventional, but it is there, in theory.
Complaining, taking no action, not reacting to memes deployed by others by deploying appropriate memes, or by leadership (memetic nexus) has a classic "poisoning effect" on the memeplex by slowing propagation of memes, blocking it, etc.
It's just the same as any other "outsider" deploying out-system memes instead of memes inside the memeplex. The has a diluting/poisoning effect.
A memetic engineering technique is to "engineer the rebellion," i.e., purposefully design a set of memes which may be used by would-be "rebels," complete with reactions for the "conformists" to make, so that they're actually helping the system. This is a similar idea to "packing the meme-space," by the way.



漫画 The Cost of Apathy

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Is apathy a memetic system? Or a memetic sub-system? Memeplex? Submemeplex? Memes, or probably null-memes which are (non)deployed sap the time resource if they are not met with immunomemes against apathy.
As with activism, which encouragement is a variety, it may be counterproductive to attack apathy with "encouragement." A more effective approach would be to provide immunomemes, i.e., bullying opportunities, sanctioned by leadership (memetic nexuses), for other agents to deploy against the apathetic meme enactor/deployer, rather than just let them get the passive reward of nobody reacting to their apathy.



漫画 Memetic Yield of the Fabric

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Rather than the fabric, we focus on the cohort of the memetic system. How much of the execution (deployment) of the memes of the system (primarily action memes) are involved in producing the desired result?
It's a "time question," i.e., how much of the total time of the cohort agents, or the time which they spend deploying memes belonging to the system in question, is for "productive" memes, and how much for "filler" memes?
That is an index of our "yield" or "efficiency"



模倣子 The Peter Principle and Classism

The memetics of applying the Peter Principle to classism in its own window HERE.

漫画 99 Bottles of Beer Song Tool Inventory

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This may prove low-yield, but one could imagine a song that agents could sing about their own local knowledge, which would build a collective knowledge via the singing of the song, driven by the memetic reward of adding to the song and getting the approval of others by singing it.



漫画 Ideomemetic to Macromemetic Coupling

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The individual knowledge, here, about which tools he has, has little chance of garnering him a memetic reward. However, if this knowledge may be somehow "packaged" into a meme which could be deployed and which leadership (the memetic nexus(es)) condone, then the agent could be motivated to sing out his knowledge and garner that reward.

Memetic nexus sponsorship, again, according to theory, means that memetic deployment of sanctioned memes will automatically garner a reward, i.e., other agents are expected to respond in kind, thus the reward and the closing of the memetic loop are guaranteed.



Mermaid MMCLIX

Happy Birthday, Jay Dearien
Bonne aniversaire, le Jay 


模倣子 Designing the Rebellion

How to design a memetic system which takes into account that many will resist, rebel, or be apathetic (ah, there's the one!)?  Read the essay on a separate page, or go to the end of this document to read in-line.

Notice variation on a theme, effectively "Rebelling against the Rebels" which some fanboys/girls would consider sacrilegious.

Original iconography for the American Revolution of 1776

variations on the theme, as memetic mutations which are more resonant to sub-groups. The snake is either changed in an acceptable way, or the background, and the motto and it's meaning effectively preserved, but the target, George the Third of Great Britain, changed to whomever.
Or the otherwise serious theme, or threat, is changed to something lighthearted, so again, we see the ironic "rebelling-against-rebellion itself," which is perhaps a powerful memetic design concept with regards to "packing the memespace" in order to accommodate rebels, resistance, and apathy.