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The Poets of Porcadis
Comic Books Covers of comic books that are available for purchase on Etsy.
Meet the Boys
Chestnut Quest
The Guardians
Our heroes, Lenny and Sparky, are prowling around East Porcadis Park on what turns out to be a very strange and mysterious mission for a shadowy patron.
Lulu Goes to College Their quest leads them to Porcadis University, the Department of Mythology and Crypto-Memetics, and Lulu is persuaded to become a graduate student.
Lulu Meets the Blue Horn People Lulu's advisor leads her and her fellow students on a fantastical jaunt into a workshop of anthropology, biology, and ultimately memetics and memetic engineering.
Linked LettersA coloring book to help young children learn the cursive alphabet
12 Steps of Bathroom Repair An allegorical journey through the 12 steps.
Step Forth Casey confronts some inner truths about himself, his self-image, his relationship to himself and others, and to women in particular.
#StandByYourMan Lulu visits the Blue-Horned People again to illustrate a new memetic subsystem she’s working on to make the world a better place.
Lulu's Internship at SCARE
Versión Española
Lulu's starts interning at a local company to help them transform their business processes using the memetic analysis and engineering skills she's learning at school.
Growth Experience Lulu talks about the effects of sustained rapid growth on organizational culture (comic book).
The 2nd Coming While waiting for her advisor to come back, Lulu once again locks horns and crosses swords with Pénélopé over points of philosophy and the bedeviling question of whether the office doughnut pool really is as fair as Lenny and Sparky think it is.
Schrödinger's Catachresis Our heroes awaken to find themselves in a strange place with some strange new companions.
Mop and Broom Con Lulu and Penny are taken on a study trip to the nerdy, feminist Mop and Broom Con.
Financial Intelligence Upon hearing Lenny and Sparky's timeworn refrain about how broke they are, Lulu discusses how she manages her money.
Cloud of Dreams Lulu and Lenny meet a new friend in East Porcadis Park, and they all discover that there's more going on at Lenny's place of work than meets the eye.
Better Half Lulu and Penny get kidnapped by aliens (again) and everybody learns a lot about the human condition, maybe more than some ever wanted to know.
Ferrisburgh Deb and Lulu go to see Nick and Guillermo off only to find that they may all be confronting dark forces they have only just begun to understand and which may lead to civil war.
Porcadis Riots
Dr. Quack Medicine an ideology? The unexamined ideological precepts, or memetic systems, inherent in the contemporary practice of medicine.
Bad Japanese Lulu and Umiko give a tour of some of the more choice words in Japanese.
Mr. Peabody and The Mermaids
A trip to the full-service Native American Bank Honquèrelle's and Mr. Peabody's projects lead the gang on an adventure to a bank that tries to meet everyone's needs.
Electionville Honquèrelle and Alexántebra use a new on-line game to try to get into office to prevent some bad trends from making it into Siren Cove.
The Tale of Treat Umiko and Honquèrelle's son, Treat, each undertake a quest.
Mermaid Comics and Japanese Mermaid Puns, and More Mermaid Puns in Japanese. One-frame jokes and puns.
Mermaid Olympics, Mermaid Fashion, Cartoon Political Commentary
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