COVID-19 Idaho Growth Rates Trend Upward, back to Stage 3

 Idaho rates are trending up, not as bad as in July, but we're looking at doubling times of a month and a half to two months. We're still looking at deaths and cases tripling by year's end.

Governor Little has announced that the State is going back to Phase Three of the opening plan, from Phase Four.

The yellow and green lines are trending strongly upward to the right of the graph. Note well the huge spike for Idaho (and Texas) in July, where levels reached 4%-5%, which translates to sick and dying doubling every two weeks or less!

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COVID-19 Log Plots


Here's the plot of all the numbers I have for the US, Texas, and Idaho. This "hockey stick" shape indicates severe growth which changed strongly around May.

And here's the breakout for each region, separately.

We see steady growth of cases and deaths in Idaho. The daily deaths and cases also appear to be growing at a steady rate (the data are noisy since the daily numbers are smaller than the totals).

Still have steady growth of deaths and cases in Texas.

Here we se how the epidemic shot up from less than a hundred patients to a million just between March and May, and then flattened in response to lockdown measures, contagion management (masks, social distance). The number of cases and deaths continues to climb steadily, albeit at a slower rate (around 1% these days). We see the trend of zero to a million in just a month or two stretched out to getting to ten million cases by the end of the year. We're still climbing towards a million dead, but that will tragic landmark will probably be reached around the middle of 2021.