Sexual Paranoia in Academia

A long article, but says a lot of really good stuff about sexual relations between students and professors and how things have gotten completely out of control.

"England [and now America] has always been disinclined to accept human nature."
-- Maurice, by Merchant Ivory Productions

It seems to me that Americans are in great measure mystified and terrified by sex (the author of the aforementioned article being a possible exception) and it's getting worse. I count myself among them. With crypto-pseudo-feminism1 running amok, sex has ceased to be a happy and fun source of joy, humor, and closeness shared by all humans and has transmogrified into something dangerous and menacing (even putting the threat of STDs and heartbreak aside) which threatens from all sides. The reason for its omnipresence is, of course, that it's critical for our species to survive. I confess I don't know what healthy sex is supposed to look like for reasons stated, but these crypto-pseudo-feminist "activists" obviously don't, either, and are actively preventing these kinds of questions from even being asked.

1A cynical political hijacking of the cause of women's liberation which pretends to advocate and promote policies which aid women, but which in fact entrench women's victimhood, i.e., playing up women's victim status, usually in a disingenuous, untruthful, and confrontational manner, hence "pseudo", and then seeks to couch this in special jargon and a question-begging and usually deeply misandrist dialectic which serves to hide the logical flaws, falsehoods, and ultimately the lack of proposed solutions to the stated problems both real and invented.

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