Japanese Class

This time we mostly worked on vocabulary and The Little Mermaid song...mostly.

This was all an exercise in describing a kanji verbally to someone who was writing them down.

Alice brought information on tonality in Japanese (much less of a big deal than in Chinese, but still, and these are probably terms quite similar to the Chinese ones).



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Japanese Class

CS homework again

difference between IRU and ARU progressive forms

particles marking noun phrases

clean up to just the sentence

bubble diagram of one phrase "while the loop conditions are me"
also compare RYO and MITASU/MAN

The bubble diagram really represents an onion-like nesting structure

diagramming the remaining noun phrase

Ta-dah! Completed bubble diagram

Start of Little Mermaid song

Next bit of Little Mermaid, and how to ask questions in class



Japanese Class

going in the with CS homework again.  Probably should've started taking pictures right from Alice's original writing, before I started writing all over it!

circle the particles (in green) and mark the verbs

start to identify the main verbs

start to group into "bubble diagrams" around the particles (and verbs)

move the text into bubbles

more bubbles, all grouped around the main verb (irereba)

attach the last bits to the growing bubble diagram

group the rest of the sentence into bubbles around the main verb (dekiru)

overall simplification of the sentence in terms of the two to three elements that hang off of the "main verb" (dekiru)

you can kind of see here how the "irereba" acts as a modifier, even as a compound verb, along with "dekiru"
The rest of the sentence is a "mo" declining a "ya"-joined pair of specifiers

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