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模倣子 Time Travel and Wokeness Impact on Canon

 As I wrote earlier, the new Star Trek movies are an example of using time travel to change the future of a story at some point in time.

This video touches on this at about 4:30, he talks about how J.J. Abrams destroyed Star Trek by splitting it into two divergent "Star Tracks" where everything after the middle of Star Trek TOS goes away, and starts over with the destruction of the planet Vulcan, and then he just starts making things up with the same old original characters doing new things. So the new show Star Trek: Discovery, along with TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager are all in a different timeline than the movies. In other words, they're gone, no longer canon.

...at the end he has a lot to say about "woking" canonical shows (see below as well) and franchises for political reasons, destroying something that was already written and produced with a dedicated fanbase by alienating said fans by shoehorning in characters and political agendas that erase history and transform it into something it isn't, with this idea, I guess, that the fanbase are just meant to swallow it and keep tuning, like-clicking, and turning up to the box office.

Maybe we need to just write some new stuff. Oh, hey, that's what I'm doing, so hopefully I'll fit in somewhere.

Good video on how Woke Feminism is Toxic

Recent movies pushing a political agenda and with female leads are just bad, and yet they feel they deserve recognition because of how they are "trying to save civilization." They ignore history (Ripley from Alien, and Sarah Connor from Terminator among many).

News Flash: many if not most films starring a man did badly, some were successful, but in principle they succeeded because they were good cinema that people liked, and not because they had men in starring roles.


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In this article, I rather disagree with:

Rix cautions.

“Fundamentally, we can't conserve our biodiversity for future generations,” he says, “if we don't know it even exists.”

I think we should just stop breaking the environment right, left, and center, and then everybody will be fine, whether we know about them or now. Less plutonium, less toxins, less carbon emissions, less overpopulation, and Bob's your uncle, mate.

COVID-19 Idaho Actually Seems to be Improving


 Idaho actually seems to be flattening out on this logarithmic curve. Texas and the US overall, appear to be continuing to grow, maybe at about the same rate.

Go Idaho!!


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模倣子 The Global Consciousness Project

Did I ask you if memetics is within or part of the Higher Power's universe as you understand it. Another question is do you see HP as part OF memetics or larger than memetics?
Yours memetically,

Familiar with this project?


Nope. You've brought up the noosphere and the des Jardins (?) guy who first coined the phrase before. I've looked into it a bit.

Interesting research concept. Kind of like how thousands of people sitting together and meditating can produce a statistically significant change in expected outcomes.

There's Hari Seldon's Psychohistory from Isaac Asimov's The Foundation Trilogy (have you read it? And why haven't they made it into a movie yet? why why why?!!).

Are you familiar with the principle of psychohistory?

Don't  make my mistake if you haven't read it and are going to -- Second Foundation is actually the third book and Foundation and Empire is the second.

Macromemetics is a real-life psychohistory, in that it describes how to control and predict the behavior of large numbers of individuals. The global memetic fabric is another name for the noosphere of all human minds on the planet. Macromemetics actually delivers -- Hari Seldon didn't go into a lot of detail about how he collected his data.

Had a good talk with a buddy of mine (the one who's had all the mental health trouble lately) about memetic engineering, and also with Tiffany. We have some pressing issues that we need to start getting people on board with. I've launched some very successful memes already, but not through any concerted effort (yet).

On that note, check out this video on how Truth is an Illusion. This is an important example of how macromemetics can deal with disinformation.

I was doing better yesterday, in terms of being less haunted by intrusive thoughts. Do you know about theFranklin Reality Model? I became aware of it decades ago, and used to listen to the speech on it by Hyrum W. Smith on an almost monthly basis to keep it fresh in my mind. Now I don't have the tape any more. Anyway, check it out. The four "human needs" I think relate well to the "parental duties" or "parental deficits"which I've been trying to nail down for 4th Step work in ACA.

I'm finding that identifying a parental deficit (failure to meet one of the FRM human needs) very quickly leads to identifying traumatic events, or even, more importantly, non-traumatic events or patterns of behavior which were nonetheless devaluing and led to ACA survival traits.

The alternative is to scan one's own personal history, looking for cases of denial or abuse, and one of the many problems with this, apart from completeness, is that we're trying to identify denial and dissociation, which are by definition hidden from the conscious mind! It's like saying, "Okay, Dave, I want you to go through every place you've ever been and pick up all of the items you might have lost there and can't remember, especially items you don't even remember having possessed, AND reconnect with all the people you can't even remember you knew. Okay, GO!!"

If you start with "survival" (and maybe break it up into danger from parents, lack of protection by parents, and food insecurity, for example), then you can immediately start to identify parental behaviors that violate this. I say that I was not food insecure, that that was one issue I did not have with my parents. But then I remember how I was literally starving, worried about where my next meal was coming from, when I was going to school in Europe, I can see that's not altogether true, they really only cared when I was right at their table (maybe), and apart from that it maybe got sketchy. Probably a deep mine there. "Protection" brings in events that I already knew, brings up others that I didn't associate before, and ties them all together.

One interesting thing that might need its own paragraph is "variety" and "to feel important." My being left alone in the front of the house for hours while my mom went in the back and lay down or whatever with the door shut and the threat not to make any noise...was it traumatic? Was I terrified? Maybe not, but it sticks out as a parental deficit, but where to stick it? Failure to provide "variety" and "making me feel important" (which I was constantly providing my kid) seem to fit the bill, and then many other experiences, both traumatic and not so much suddenly start to fall into the same basket.

One of my favorite aspects of the four columns in AA Step 4 is how the third column is only supposed to contain one of six or so specific entries (the data base guy in me would float the term"lookup table") -- relationships, sexual relationships, ambition, financial security, self-esteem. Hyrum W. Smith is putting out very similar categorieswith his "human needs." I don't know how he came up with them, and I don't know how Bill Wilson came up with his, but it seems like this strong correlation is a meaningful coïncidence. I was going with "Safety, Sustenance, and Sensuality" but I think I'm going to go with Bill W. and Hyrum Smith -- they've sold a lot more copies and have been tested by a few million more human guinea pigs (I'm not saying I'm a slouch, but sometimes ya gotta be humble).

Anyway, I have high hopes of putting a bow on my psycho-mememtic therapy ideas so that others can sit down and use them to gain immediate health benefits. Plus it will help me, too, since I think my work on the ACA 5th step, with the wrinkle of approaching the stored anger worksheet (and others...) with the parental deficits concept added in.

Of course I'm riding the roller coaster of my mood swings, so I'm always wary of short-term gains, since a mood swing often looks like a short-term gain, or a major setback.


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