Going to Geek Girl Con

I'm going to take my game, So-Soo-Yoo, and my comic, The Poets of Porcadis, which is currently only in paper form.

A friend send me this article on fake feminist men.

I certainly have gotten zero traction from either so-called feminist women or "straight" women, notwithstanding the (I can hope) sincerity of my convictions and actions taken on their basis (giving large amounts of money to feminist causes, marching and demonstrating, risking my own career and often my personal safety by speaking up in forums including where I work for women's issues, writing letters and essays, getting into discussions, arguments, etc., always voting for women at the polls and for Boards of Directors for the stocks I own, etc., etc.), so if "getting with" women has been my objective all along, I am arguably a very, very stupid person indeed.

This cuts no ice, and doesn't get any appreciation or support, either.  "Straight" women are suspicious and dismissive, and/or happy to cry on my shoulder about the misogynist/chauvinist they fancy until he finally notices them, whereupon they leave without a glace back, and so-called feminist women are openly contemptuous of me, apparently because I dare exist in their presence (without exhibiting the stereotypes against which they inveigh, post nauseum...?) and/or because I have the audacity and sense of "male privilege" to question their puerile and ridiculous dialectics.

It is with trepidation that I hope to go to my first "con" and maybe learn a few things about art, culture and marketing, and maybe shop around my game and comic art to interested parties there assembled.

I have little doubt that I will not be welcome at the Nerdlesque seminar, among perhaps other things, because of my chronic Y-chromosome infection, and that I may get a great many very chilly cold shoulders and may actually be attacked, even physically or by security and legal personnel for alleged male malfeasance or threatening behavior or God-knows-what.

An uppity male with ideas about how he or others might help women, or agrees with them about their being done dirty by the system is apparently not welcome.  They don't want my help.

I would very much welcome the help and understanding of women, however.  I'm over the moon when once in a while a women, instead of telling me how much "male privilege" I have, or complaining how "oppressed" she feels by my very presence, etc., etc., expressed some level of understanding of the homophobia (even if one is not gay) men face, the fact that we are expected to work our lives away, suffer infant circumcision which is considered normal in American society, are horribly lonely and frightened and unable to express any of these feelings to anyone (except maybe, occasionally a female lover), are assumed a priori to be violent, sexual predators, child molesters, etc., die years before our female peers (often just a year or so after we area allowed to "retire"), are expected to go to war and be slaughtered with a cruelty and horror which we usually spare even insects, and so on and so forth.

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