Even Between Japanese Friends

Some Japanese Sayings:

Good manners even between friends. (Jp:親しき仲にも礼儀あり。 Shitashiki naka-ni-mo reigi ari.)

The nail that sticks gets hammered down. (Jp:出る釘は打たれる。 Deru kugi-wa utareru.)

Food before romance. (Jp:色気より食気。 Iroke yori kuike.)

I've also heard: 花より団子 (hana yori dango)

...see you all next week!! I think I will upload some pictures of the chalkboard from last class today (or soon...!)

I still want to find the "There is no arguing with a crying child or a government official" which is something like 泣き子と監督は問えず (naki-ko to kantoku ha toezu).  I think that's right but please check it out!!

Don't forget 猿も木から落ちる or Goにも筆怪し (Mr. Go was a famous Japanese caligrapher -- I don't know his name kanji -- look it up for class!!)

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