Memetic Index

Review of The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore
The Kibbitzing Immunomeme
Memetic Analysis Starting at the Word Level
(Artificial) Languages as Exclusionary Memeplexes
Libidinal Bribes in the Face of Apathy
Skeomorphy, vestigial words and ideas and their memetic staying power.
Oppression and Memetic Stickiness
Climate Change Memes that Speak to Politicians
It's a Memetic Holiday Season!
Ban Bikini Baristas (and all women)
Epiphanies in a Japanese Maid Café
Genocide by a Thousand Cuts, circumcision and selective statistical reduction of targeted group fertility. See also "Botched" Circumcisions.
Attempts at a Midwife Meme
Memetic Nexuses I
Anti-Woman MIAOs get a pass (again)
Is "Rape Culture" a meme or a MIAO?
Big surprise! (Male) circumcision gets a pass from crypto-pseudo-feminists
Dr. Quack Tells All (about circumcision memes and their otherwise inexplicable tenacity)
The Cruel Hypocrisy of Sex Jokes
The "Consent" Meme — it sounds good (of course) but there are a number of problems with it.
The Memeticity of Half-truths and False "Facts"
...and there may be a goodly number more running around out there.

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