Trip to the Full-Service Native American Bank

Don't miss the Centaur story arc that takes place simultaneously and starting at the arrival at the bank.

You can jump back and check out the first appearances of these comix, to get to know the characters first.

Matthea Harvey's poem, The Straightforward Mermaid, published in The New Yorker, and the short film based upon it, A Sea Full of Hooks, were sources for some of the references in these comix (can you find them?). A very big inspiration for the whole thing was, not surprisingly, the 1948 film, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, with the adorable Ann Blyth.

I'm also inspired (within the past few years) by the work of R. Crumb in particular by way of the movie, Crumb.

Check out the centaur mini-adventure which starts at this point...

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