Gays Needed

Although the "Gay Gene" may not have been found yet, I'm inclined to think that homosexuality is like the 10% propensity in pandas to become carnivorous, which is super-useful when the bamboo goes to seed every 107 years. Such recessive "deviant" behaviors can perhaps be a kind of "safety valve" for a species, maybe in response to population pressures or other environmental crises such that by oppressing homosexuals we may be short-circuiting our species' innate ability to save ourselves from the overpopulation meltdown we've been going through for the past 50-60 years. Apparently group selection or kin selection theory also holds that homosexuality is in fact adaptive, and not inherently "bad and wrong and against G-d" for the obvious fact that homosexuals "can't reproduce" (well, they can, they just don't, which is an example which a lot more people should probably follow for more reasons than one ;-).

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