No Victim, No Crime

[apologies to Bob Marley]
No victim, no crime, no victim, no crime
Man is smokin' sometin' next to me,
Don't know what or why
If I get up close to him
Da smoke get in my eye
But if I don' stand next to him
Then who is the bad guy?
I wanna tell ya, no victim, no crime

I know a lovely woman
She help me with my life
She take up my money
I take up her time
She give me love consultation
I am her friend named John
If nobody got no problems
Den what is going wrong?
Hey ya gotta know that
If there ain't no victim,
Den dere ain't no crime
No victim, no crime,

I gather with my brothers
We put our money down
Only one will take the pot away
We all wait with expectation
On the roll of dice
If no one got no problem
Den where is the vice?
Cuz if dere ain't no victim
Den dere ain't no crime
No victim, no crime
no victim, no crime
say it with me now
no victim, no crime

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