Japanese Class Suggestions

Hey Class!

Check out these Mermaid Puns in Japanese and please watch out if you are put off by mermaid nakedity or edgy political commentary.

You can also check out A Trip to the Full-Service Native American  Bank, which has a lot of Japanese jokes and text in it as well.

Please print out any and all that interest you, or comment on the posts and ask for specific explanations and translations and I will try to provide.

NOTE: there is a missed humor opportunity on the one with the peanut butter sandwiches which we can hopefully discuss next class or sometime soon!!  Please give it some thought.

Okay, so we'll also be covering radicals in kanji, so check this out, and I'll cover it.  We'll also want to teach everybody how to use jisho.org unless you already have a site or dictionary program you like, since we basically look up words and characters throughout the class.

Please feel free to post against this post or anywhere else on this blog and I will try to answer and/or repond in class.

See you Sunday!!

PS: we will try to come up with names for everybody in Japanese (cuz it's fun).

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