You Are All Things

We come together again, our bodies joined
Like every time before, like no time ever was
I want to devour you, rip the flesh from your bones
Gobble each creamy morsel, yet have the banquet never end
I want to die in your arms and yet have this moment of dying last an eternity

The paradox of all at once and everything everywhere
Cartesian product cross-join of experience
Of time folding back on itself
Like a lazy dragon, vexed by an unseen hobbit
Devouring his own tail
To die and yet not to die, la petite mort

To dare to appear ridiculous,
To expose my body, myself, within and without
To do and say in the dark what one dares not in the light
And bring into the light those things which belong to the darkness

You are all things because of this now
And this now is because you are all things
I shall have the redemption you offer
And you shall give it to me
Just by letting me stay here with you
In this now that is all things

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