Japanese Class "totally doing it"

Baggage, two hens: tsuki (moon) and tsuchi (earth)
boil (niru), "totally do it"

"totally drink / eat it"
"the tea that cannot be / must be drunk"
shimau / shichau
tabenakereba naranai (it you don't eat it, it will be bad)

cure, go up (there are about four of these)
"fixing persimmons" vs. "writing it over"
many ways to cry
the many names of night

the allure / seeming of
the purpose of (sponge / tea towel story)
with the intention of
Yatsu-Ya Ghost Stories
Give somebody a chewing out
cause somebody a problem
I was caused a problem by vs. "please bother me"

"for toilet cleaning"
"the lucky sack / bag"

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