Last Two Japanese Classes

Stupid polyglot puns, kanjis with repeated radicals, old-style characters, etc.

Princess Rum-chan from Urusei Yatsura -- a perfect tie-in for Bacardi Rum, or what?  I pitched this to my German buddy in Tokyo who was going to go pitch them for the Japanese market, by the way.  Bats with tiger striped outfits.  Perfect!

"Drawing" vs. "drawing"

Different kinds of job kanjis.

Home, convenience, delivery, box lunches, lawyers, and nurses

Nurses, hats, prostitutes, guns, and "serving it all before with the sound of 'zen' "
something, something shi-komu...what?

Places in Japan, "I'd like to see the time processing testing wrapped up this week," "Certainly, boss"
"Please don't get pissed off"
Transitive / Intransitive Verbs
Bad Dream
"Left out of the club"

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