"Writer's Block": Strategies

When blocked, try:
  1. Writing another love scene (standard NaNo wisdom)
  2. having two of your characters start talking about how the story sucks, has run out of steam, how one or both of them should do something drastic, how they really love/hate each other, etc.
  3. describing doing or cooking or building something in the most gruesome detail imaginable
  4. YOU can write about how the story sucks, is stuck, and how you don't know what to do next (but doing it through characters is better), review (write it!) what's happened so far, etc.
  5. Just start writing some random scene from your own life, a TV show, a fantasy
  6. Writing a dream sequence. Make it the most random thing imaginable (EXODUS, my book, has two)
  7. etc....
I may come up with more later...

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