Smart Chicks are out there!

I went to some of the best schools in the world, and while there were few women in my courses, those that were there were as smart or smarter than me. There are plenty of men who can't cut it in STEM, and I often wonder if I'm one of them. The idea that men are somehow "given a pass" is 100% pure bullshit in my experience.

A woman discovered (or at least illuminated radioactivity), a woman first theorized nuclear fission, a woman first explained how stars work, a woman proved continental drift (so far four of the most important discoveries about our universe...ever), a woman explained DNA (or provided all the sino quod non critical data), a woman invented one of the earliest and the most popular computer language ever, a woman basically invented the Internet (made it possible to grow over a dozen computers), and the list goes on.

I'm not too sussed about women in medicine and mathematics, so I can't comment on that, or about women in business and politics. The first president of Israel was an (American) woman, as was one of the two most beloved mayors of New York City. France would not exist as a country without Jean d'Arc nor England without Elizabeth the First. Mongolia received Chinese culture via a disgraced Chinese concubine, basically ALL of their fine culture and their writing system prior to 1950. The world's first novel (The Tale of Genji) was written by a Japanese woman. Modern Russia and the Russian Language (notice how half the "advanced" words are French-derived, even though Russia is nowhere near France) owe themselves to Catherine the Great (so called not for no reason).

Are there great women in world history in general and in American history in particular? Duh. The idea of putting a professional whinger on the $20 bill is horrific.

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