Car v. Deer Leaves Young Mommy Sans Car


My friend needs a new car and YOU can help!

Please donate even just $1, $2, or the cost of your next drink at Starbucks to help out.

Here in Idaho, deer are a threat and it's common to have one jump in front of your car and wreck it. They seem to do it on purpose! One jumped in front of her car, wrecked it (total write-off), and now she has no transportation (to get to work, etc.).

She's a non-circumciser, so thanks to her and her sisters four little boys were spared the horror of that mutilation. Even a small donation would be a great way of saying "Thank you!" and giving a rare reward for doing the Right Thing.

If you can't give anything, please at least spread the word with your Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and any other means you can!

Thanks so much!!

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