Old MAD Magazine Expression

I don't think they put it in there anymore, but a very popular "semi-expletive" was "verschlugner", and I just realized that it's a yiddishism, much like "verschtupt" or "verschtuptner" or some other less obscene one I heard on "Transparent" but can't remember.  Of course, also related to "verklimpt".  Oh yeah, you could say "verschtinkter", which shows exasperation, but isn't really all that obscene and translates into contemporary "goyified" (whitened up) language, much like "nebbish" became "nerd", so "es verschtinkter" becomes "it stinks!"  Oh, there was another really good one that I can't remember now....a "whitified" yiddishism that's pretty obvious when you think about it, but it's slipped my mind. Oy, mashuga!

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