Mermaid CXI

It's funny...you can almost see the leitmotif of the mischievous red-headed mermaid appearing decades earlier in Disney works.
I don't have any red-headed mermaids in my menagérie, so far, I don't believe. There's Alexántebra, Umiko 宇美子, and Honquèrelle with black hair, Babette with blonde hair, and that's about it so far. Hmmmm... Maybe I should go with Xan having a different hair color, or let it change all the time, like blue, red, pink, green, purple, black, white, blonde, etc. That does it -- whenever you see Xan in a comic, you can imagine her with whichever hair color you like, and please post which one, and maybe I'll post a colored version of the comic (and send it to you! first half dozen respondents only!)

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