Japanese Class

Little Mermaid Song

we tried to group the "phrases" logically, to make it easier to memorize
she lists all the treasure she has, up to "dakedo" she wants more.

we organize this

compress it, and go on to her ideas about the world of men has cool properties

There are some interesting grammatical phenomena here, and some new vocab

Organize how the song flows from one idea to the next, often changing the reading of the same kanji, e.g., "san-PO" and "ARUku"

There are two song versions, 1991 and 1997. We'll look at the latter one next time, and compare the two for their changes.

organize the right side (first part of the song) into stage-wise development.

now we get to the end of the song, and how it progresses from one point to the end, i.e., it starts out with "that world of the land" and ends with "the interesting world of the land" and what she thinks about it and how she longs for it and is willing to sacrifice much to get there.

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