Writing Projects Update

This is the last Writing Projects Update I wrote, which has a lot of information.

Okay, I have effectively stopped publishing my web comic, as of about six months ago. I have been suffering from a higher level of depression. I have continued to put up sketches, which take less time, and which don't require fitting into a storyline.

I am kicking around ideas for a new comic, titled THE SHELF ELF, which is ostensibly for work (like GROWTH EXPERIENCE and RUNNING SCARED). It will be the first one where I storyboard it, write it out, and develop characters first, and so on. Depending on how it goes, it could be a step towards eventually building a portfolio that could be shown to agents and such.

I am at the moment chewing through 13 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MEN -- my romance novel. I'm trying to put a few pages into our critique group every two weeks. I don't know how well it's going.

I wrote a bunch of new material for STARFALL and SABINE (BETWEEN LAUGHING AND CRYING) last NaNoWriMo 2018, but I have not begun to edit it. SABINE is not far, comparatively, from being ready to read again, but I have changed a lot about STARFALL, primarily that I have added the ship's computer, Nelly ("Eternelle"), as a character, one who will drive a lot of the plot which was undermotivated hitherto. I expect it will take time to get that novel back into a readable manuscript.

I tried to get started on my mystery novel NUCLEAR FAMILY, but have made little progress. I started on the first chapter. My idea is to take the Romance and the Mystery novels to a readable state, since they might be easier to sell to agents. I don't know if that's true.

Oh, in the interval I have done a lot with THE LITTLE AND WITH THE CRIMINAL MIND. I got the first two thirds edited up and critiqued. The final third remains mostly unwritten, plus I now need to edit up the first two.

I have about two hundred essays on MACROMEMETICS written, and a thought of making an anthology, even a rough-and-ready one. I was thinking also of making a collection of my poetry.

I also got the first chapter of THE LAST PRESIDENT published in an anthology by our group, THE KENYORIES.

I need to wrap it up here...

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