COVID-19 Improvement from mid-November Doubling times, Projected Deaths


Things were looking really bad mid-November, but there's been a downtrend in doubling times and projected deaths. Mid-November we were looking at 600,000 America  deaths by Inauguration Day, which dropped down to half a million, and now we're looking at maybe 450,000 US deaths by January 20.

The doubling times have gone from about two months towards three months, so that's good. Instead of twice as many sick and dead Americans, Texans, and Idahoans, it's only every three months that we have twice as many. This is still not great, obviously.

Here we see the spike in deaths given the growth rates in mid-November at well over a half-million dead Americans, which then dropped off to about a half-million, then given recent growth rates is trending downward again, so by Inauguration Day we may have less than half a million of our fellow citizens. We'll see if the trend continues.

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