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One important thing is that some men are much more fertile than others, and it’s very straightforward to test. A sperm sample under a microscope 🔬 shows sperm count and motility and sperm banks test this all the time. Sperm count is strongly impacted by stress, and men suffer a lot from this, and it can vary from month to month, and there may be many other factors.

So even a young man may have poor sperm “quality” or one who is quite fertile otherwise might have due to a stressful month or other factors. 

So men might reasonably seek younger parenting partners because younger women tend to have an easier time in childbirth and are at the start of their childbearing years, and that makes sense. Whether younger women are more “fertile” or able to conceive may be statistically true (I don’t know, and it’s probably complicated), it’s true that it’s easy to tell if a man is fertile, and probably far more difficult for a woman. 

Anecdotally, I have a former coworker who got divorced because he was infertile and his wife wanted to have children. They still go scuba diving together and such—they’re just not married. They’re not Americans, obviously. 

Younger women are supposedly “more fun” (highly doubtful) and “a status symbol”. The same is true for older women and younger men. 

So the bare minimum an older prospective mother should do, if she’s concerned about the fertility of her partner, young or old, is have him go sign up as a sperm donor. They only take the most fertile guys, but they will tell you how fertile he is. Even if he has genetic and family history issues they would otherwise reject, in my experience they will test him anyway—their main focus is finding fertile guys. 

So if you want to hook up with a younger guy, absolutely go for it—it’s a mitzvah all ‘round. But getting a young guy as some kind of guarantee of fertility smacks of the old superstition that having sex with a virgin would cure VD (because of her peak sexual power or something). Get his sperm tested (even if you’re already married to him). There are places that will do it for free within a week. If he’s reluctant, then you already have your answer. 

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