The Little Ant with the Criminal Mind (11/19)

(11/19@11/19) The little ant often felt lost and disoriented, even at places he was sure he had been to before.  The pheromones.  Perhaps other ants were not lost like him because they could tell which direction they were coming from, in which direction they were getting stronger and in which direction they were getting weaker.  That’s how an ant told directions, which way the food was, which way to the path to the midden, which way back to the colony and so on and so forth.  The little ant often had to guess at these things, often by observing his fellow ants and what they were doing, which way they were going and how irritated they seemed to be getting at him at any given moment.  He lived in constant fear and anxiety because he could not smell the pheromones, at least, not very well.

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