Child abuse?

You'd think a page advocating against child abuse would be aware of what the actual definition of child abuse is. Child abuse is the infliction of deliberate injury on the body of a child without valid medical necessity. Exactly what circumcision is and does. Circumcision is the infliction of a deliberate wound (equivalent to a third degree burn: organ without skin) on the penis of a child for no valid or medical reason. Circumcision is done to healthy, functional, normal tissue and is not a treatment for any disease or illness. Therefore, it is child abuse.

If an adult were to leave such a significant wound *anywhere* on the body of a girl, or on any part of a boy *other than his penis*, everyone would acknowledge that act as child abuse. For some reason(s), the penises of baby boys are considered fair game for violation and abuse. This cultural blindspot has to end. Baby boys and their genitals deserve full and equal protection from abuse under the law.

"Male circumcision appears to meet California’s general definitions of and therefore constitutes criminal child abuse,217 as well as assault,218 battery,219 and sexual abuse and sexual assault (“[a]ny intrusion by one person into the genitals... of another person... [except] for a valid medical purpose”).220 The California Penal Code also prohibits willfully harming, injuring, or endangering a child,221 inflicting any cruel or inhuman injury upon a child resulting in a traumatic condition,222 inflicting physical injury or death other than by accidental means upon a child,223 and mayhem (“unlawfully and maliciously deprives a human being of a member of his body, or disables, disfigures, or renders it useless”).224 Similarly, under the Massachusetts child abuse statute, it is criminal assault and battery to intentionally touch a child in a way that causes bodily injury or substantial bodily injury without justification or excuse,225 as circumcision does. Thus, physicians and Jewish mohels who circumcise, along with the parents who authorize it, commit criminal child abuse and are subject to the applicable fines and imprisonment.226" ~Richmond Journal of Law, Spring 2013 edition

"Since circumcision is not medically warranted, has no significant physiological benefits, is painful because it is performed without anesthesia and leaves a wound in which urinary salts burn, carries a significant risk of surgical complications, including death, and deforms the penis, it would seem that as a nonaccidental physical injury, it is properly included in the definition of child abuse."

Why does this page, that claims to be made up of people who are against child abuse, refuse to discuss one of the most common forms of child abuse taking place all around us? Why are they censoring every single attempt at discussion? P.A.C.A.: you wouldn't allow the discussion on your page, so we are bringing it over to ours. Feel free to come on over, you won't be censored on our page like we were on yours.

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