Japanese Class - Kiki's Delivery Service

We watched Kiki's Delivery Service Sunday!  It was fun.  We made it though the first maybe 10 minutes of the show, and analysed it.

We'll keep watching this Sunday.  Be there or be elsewhere, peeps!
Majo no Takkyubin.  Vampire (blood-suck demon).  Crying and yelling, and calling.  Yo-ho, as in Weather Forecast.  Same 2nd character as "Jyo-ho" = information.

Tobu = to fly.  Hard kanji to draw, from a composition standpoint.

"Starting a business" by flying off when you're a witch.
Analysis of a snippet of dialogue from the film.  The old lady talking to Kiki's mum.
Nominalization markers, quotation speech markers.

Different ways of starting.
"Ceremony, custom, or tradition" -- shiki-tari.  Is it an ateji?

"Don't forget your happy face"
Mise = Ten = a shop, or a point (depending upon radicals)
"What if I meet a sweet boyfriend in the next month?"
"It'll be a bummer if I can't set up shop"

"Like your mum when she was young"
"When did you get so big"
"If it doesn't go well, you can always come back"
Emphasis, time period relationships, wondering, soliciting agreement, expressing uncertainty / assertion -- these are all verb tenses (more or less) in Japanese!

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