Famous Flagrantly False Fake Feminist "Facts"

Debunking some of the more famous fake crypto-psuedo-feminist "statistics".  She left out the shopworn tactic of just leaving off the statistic for men (eating disorders, rape, violent assaults, etc.) when reporting statistics, so make it look like it's only women (?) who are suffering...or something...?

It's really hard to maintain the position that society still has at least a few obviously things it needs to do to make things fair and reasonable for women when the crypto-psudo-feminists who don't seem to ever get off the microphone keep spewing out a bunch of lies and nonsense.  It irritates people and they're unreceptive because they think you're trying to get away with something.

I'm about ready to give up for a while.  It's just gotten too ridiculous.  I still can't decide whether it's stupidity or deep cynicism and hypocrisy.

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