The thing is, I see no difference in this reversal.  American women are just crazy and self-deprecated it seems, probably due to the "problem of the legions" (as I was relating in my conversation group last night).  Including yourself, women I've been with have had the same behavior ( been just as "aggressive" or "assertive" -- such terms
should not be applied to sex anyway -- we need new words -- a lot of these CPF so-called arguments turn on mere wrongly-attributed semantics).
Except for the voyeurism, and I have observed in the right circumstances that women do it too.  Weird anecdote for later about my wedding party / honeymoon, by the way -- more later and don't freak out.  Everything else looks perfectly "normal" to me.
If there's a point there, I missed it.  Obviously in some of the films they didn't change the dialogue, e.g., "draw me like one of your French girls" etc., and men wearing female clothing, so obviously it's weird but even still.

This whole concept of gender reversal reducto ad absurdi arguments gets ridiculous sometimes, as it does here, because it is so rife with question-begging, while, when you look at the actual data, the actual images, there's nothing really novel or compelling there, no real insight, except, in my view, that it looks normal despite this "dramatic switcheroo".

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