Japanese Class

Kanji that differ by a radical.  "Chu-toh-han-pah" (half-assed).  "Deadline"  Company Director and manga title pun thereupon.  "Transparency"

"Mirelle" - the daughter name we (I) had picked out.
"Genius reveals itself even in childhood"

Snippets of a doggerel Alice and I wrote to remember a bunch of tricky kanji and words.  This is several weeks ago (in August?) Please find and transcribe in a comment!

Translating "How to put pieces and rings on the board" part

Typical sentence order?

Transitive / Intransitive verbs.  NOT the same as passive / active -- they can coëxist.

Finishing up the last bit.
We talked a lot about passive verbs here, among other things.

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