Japanese Class

Japanese - Chinese comparisons with possible new member of class (day before).
Counter words, old character styles, stroke orders, and other whackinesses.
The similarities are always re-assuring.

"Chromosomes" "Jargon"
and "swapping"

"How to swappu"

Title: "Two Ways to Win"

When your turn ends, you may drop or swap.

"You may do it in all spirit of selfishness"

JOKE: What's yours is not mine
...and what's mine is also not mine

Crazy radical notions of cleanliness in the tea shop

A self-explanatory doggerel on the kanji that make it up

Ah, but "contract" also has the same kanji (radical subset) as "tea house" and "cleanliness", actually the same as "tea house" (1st character), less the "mouth radical (hen)".

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