Japanese Class

The types of radicals that can make up the kanji, with examples, e.g., "woman" as a radical

Japanese computer science homework

kanji with similar radicals or form to CS homework ones

Look at similar radicals between JO-HO, Shin/Atarashi, and the origins of these

Making student write some of the characters in CS homework, and explanation

New word: わりあい 割合   "ratio" 
Noun, Suru verb
1. omitting; leaving out; sparing
2. giving something up reluctantly

grammatical analysis of Japanese sentence in English word translation (Fujioka-Dearien Bubble Diagram)

Beginning of Little Mermaid song (part of your world), with kanji analysis

Part of Your World  in roman characters, discussion of past v. present tense (and dictionary form explanation)

Nani - simple questions, conjugation of 5-way-changing verbs, particles, etc.

pointing words and questions (in-class functional vocab)

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