Japanese Class

kanji radical types with examples. 
How to describe a kanji: stroke count, radicals, on-reading, kun-reading, words used in, etc.

The "sickness radical" (yamai-dare)
how radicals are applied to simpler, "base" kanji to make new ones, inheritance of on-yomi, etc.

make student write example sentence from オタク学入門 (Introduction to Japanese Nerd Culture)

continue the above

grammtical analysis of sample sentence using particles and contruction of Fujioka-Dearien Bubble Diagramme 

Analysis of genitive-relativized Japanese and English sentences:
"That's the dentist whose daughter I went out with last week"
The question is whether this is really how Japanese relativizes the genitive, and how this would cross bubble boundaries in a F-D bubble diagramme.
Comments welcome here!!

Some sketches of Pebbles Flintstone written on the table paper before class.

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