Fragile Mediocre White Male Faux-Feminists

 Original Article about Mediocre White Men

(By Wil “Wesley Crusher” Wheaton)

My response…

Good piece! You “crushed” it. An important category of this mediocre male fragility seems to be the slightest whiff of questioning of faux-feminist dogma. It’s as if they believe simping, cucking, bombastic-yet-treakly ranting directed at other men will somehow get them laid.

(This was apparently “unclear”)

Wheaton makes the point that fragile white males are obsessed with man/explaining in minute detail what others should do vis-à-vis some standard of political correctness. I was trying to point out that there is a subcategory of fragile white males who do this around pseudo-feminist dogma. The slightest hint of interrogation of women’s issues sends some FWMs into a blind rage, typically without even reading what one is saying. I further wondered if this behavior were some kind of attempt to curry the (sexual) favor of womanhood generally. In other words, is it some kind of pathetic, simpering, contemporary form of chivalry, and if so, just like conventional chivalry, mightn’t it serve to keep women as a group firmly stuck in their current socio-political place?

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