Ponzinomics and ZPG

Such a hopeful article! I read what I've been saying for years: economists are idiots and need to get off their duffs and develop a ZPG model instead of wringing their hands about declining population growth rates, which are of course a Very Good Thing. Implications are that most people (women, e.g., c.f. 30% of Japanese women) will never have children, which, if you know "most people" is a Very Good Thing. Most people should never even think about having kids, and the culture and economy needs to support that idea. Having children will become an unusual thing and young people will become an unusual thing (Hollywood is beginning to reflect this).  Retirement probably will, too, so stay healthy since no more armies of young people to push our fat, IV-punctured asses around anymore.

Ponzi linked to overpopulation. Rather prosaic. That's what we call "math".  I wish economists understood it better.

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> "The Entire Economy Is a Ponzi Scheme"
> there's also a discussion going on here:
> http://reddit.com/comments/1c9x0h

I hope that declining populations don't lead to pram-pushers becoming even more smug than they already are, but maybe instead subjected to the same kind of questioning social scrutiny to which other non-conformist groups always have been.

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