Throwing Bowls I

Cut off a chunk of clay
Knead it to get out the air bubbles
You can slice it in half to check
Slam it onto the center of the wheel
Get the wheel spinning, wet your hands
And center the clay with the heels of your hands
Up, up, nice and narrow
Then down, down into a big dome
Press your finger into it, towards the center
Open it up into a squat cylinder
If you did your centering well
The walls should be all even
Did I tell you?
Don't push your finger all the way down
Or your bowl will have no bottom, no foot
Now, we throw
One hand in, one hand out
Knuckles on the outside
Or both hands praying upside-down
Start at the bottom
Press fingers together
Clay narrows, lump moves just above
Keep pressure, follow the lump up
Did I tell you?
Your hands must be slick
Clay with water is slip
It coats your hands like oil
Greases the wheels of creativity

(4/1) April is National Poetry Writing Month

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