Why do my hands shake?

Have I drunk too much coffee?
Or not enough?
Have I forgotten to take my meds?
Have I forgotten that I took my meds,
And taken too much?
Did I eat a good lunch?

Or am I just tired?
Or am I nervous?

Is it post-coital languor?
Hey, it could happen

It's not great that my hands are shaking
At least I'm not hung over

Maybe for once I can say
That I'm doing the next right thing

Not making excuses like
"Everybody else does it"
"I'm not taking all that much"
"I can handle it"

Maybe I've finally given up
Trying to handle it
Gauging how much I take
Worrying about what everybody else does

As far as I know
I'm doing the best I can
To stay on the right track

Maybe I'm just getting old
Hey, it could happen.

(4/17)  NaPoWriMo

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