Japanese Class (So-Soo-Yoo)

me ni te wo = hand to eye = the character "kan"

More of this little "ditty" or "doggerel" that Alice and I wrote to remember all of the radicals on all of these characters.  This is basically a (long) example of how I remember a lot of my kanji.

The final cut.  I should put this in in typed form in here at some point.

Translating the Rules of So-Soo-Yoo into Japanese (for my friend Hiroshi).

Using "rin" as a counter for "wa" -- does this clean up the language a bit, make it neater? Or clearer?

Starting out playing...
and "Okinawa" (which I used to know how to write)

How to express "those of the same color" or "one of each color"?
I'm going to need to type all this stuff up at some point.

Alice (Ari-su) squashed the fly.

"The Capital of Arkansas" and other notes.

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