Death from Circumcision

From web forum:

Please don't use words like "insinuate". I'm not "insinuating" anything -- I'm SAYING that children DIE from circumcision. Even in the US, much more elsewhere, and it certainly happened more before the days of "modern" medicine.

If you have a baby, and you cut a lot (up to half) of the skin of his penis off, and he dies of infection or blood loss, then you have FAILED TO REPRODUCE, i.e., you have no more baby.  Or, if his fertility is ruined, i.e., his penis no longer works, then you will NOT HAVE GRANDCHILDREN.

About 110 babies die from circumcision in the US each year, which is twice as many fatalities as in that tainted vaccine meningitis outbreak in 2014, and THAT was in the news for months.

It's simple logic. Sex is hereditary: if your parents never had it, you probably won't either.

Oh, by the way, anthropologists have suggested that circumcision was a sign of tribal fealty. My penis and those of my sons are my connection to my legacy, and by (potentially) sacrificing or risking them, with lots of blood, which is always good, in front of my tribal chief, I show and pledge my loyalty.

By the way, we don't need that any more, I think. I'd rather just carry a passport or sign an NDA or something than get my dick cut every time I want to show somebody how serious I am (plus what are women to do?).

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