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Mr. Chives, you really are an amusing person. It's amazing your command of English and of rhetoric. To say that "using a bunch of African men as lab rats [for a bogus reason] [is racist]" is to be AGAINST it. Treating people like animals and experimenting on them is BAD. Yes, I'm saying that people should not be treated as lab rats. Can you explain how you misunderstood this?

Your ability to play and joke with language amazes me, and I must be rather thick, since I do not get your humor. Having said that, I consider this a serious subject and not fit for humor, so please, if I could ask again, please keep things polite and serious (as nonsense-free as you can manage and still inject your special brand of humor).

I have pointed out the flaws, as I seem them, in the research you cite, and you have yet to answer them. I know you are a massive genius, and I expect you cannot get through the door of your house because your brain is so gigantic, but the rest of us are not so blessed. I for one, am quite stupid, so it is difficult for me to grasp how surveys which do not say how they compensated for a 30% longer exposure period in their control group, how they can CONCLUDE that their data somehow PROVE that circumcision does not harm sexual function when 34% said YES and 34% said NO (that seems IN-CONCLUSIVE to me, but I'm stupid, as I said), and further, I found no reference to which extent if any either control group or test group used condoms, to cite still another example.

I know you're a genius and all these seeming problems must be obvious to you, but can you please condescend to me and the rest of us to explain how it still works out as PROOF of anything?

Oh, I don't think you talk nonsense because you disagree with me, I just think that because you're talking sheer nonsense. Lots of people who agree with me talk nonsense too, and I try to weigh both to decide if I may have the wrong viewpoint.  It's fine, I mean I think it shows you have a much more advanced sense of humor (and vastly greater intelligence) than I, but I'm insulted for a couple of reasons: a) you're insulting me with every post, using harsh language and uncharitable personal allusions, and b) you keep talking sheer nonsense DESPITE my having repeatedly asked you to stop, or at least let me in on your genius-inspired and subtle sense of humor.and these jokes of yours.

I should say, however, that although I think you a surpassing genius, a true giant among men and gods, I should say that I can only be a bit slighted, as opposed to truly insulted, since to even converse with you, let alone make valid points on any subject
is probably more than anyone of my insect-like mental faculties and command of language could ever hope for.

Having said that, if you're in fact NOT such a godlike figure, meaning my belief, my CONCLUSION, is WRONG, which I must accept, as I have said before, in the face of overwhelming facts and logic, and as some less open-minded people, dare I say, benighted miscreants, might claim, you are in fact a mere troll, and a foolish and arrogantly ignorant one at that, i.e., a "grubsnark", whose words are worth less than nothing, I would not be insulted in that case either for obvious reasons.

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