Blame Circumcision for US STDs, ED, unwanted pregnancies

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Most babies are born perfect, Kat. The default blueprint for baby boys is with a foreskin. It's there for a reason (multiple reasons, actually). Girls also have foreskin (it's commonly called the clitoral hood). Perfect means there's no defect, like cleft lip/palate etc. Foreskin is the default setting: hence perfect. No alteration required. The foreskin is not a birth defect.
I'm sorry if you were conned by tripe like that above, but it's all a bunch of big fat lies. If foreskin were really detrimental to boys and men than all of Europe, China, the former USSR, Japan etc. would be having health crises with their men. Which they're not. In fact, STD's, STI's (including HPV) and HIV rates are all lower than in the US. Real world statistics do not reflect the claims of circumcision proponents.
 It's pretty easy to see how circumcision leads to higher rates of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and erectile dysfunction if you give it the slightest bit of thought. Of course, the fact that it's all strongly supported by statistics seals the deal.
"please state your facts to back up your statement"
 I'm not sure what you're asking. The "facts" are the the US has the highest STD rate (25% of USA have an STD), unwanted pregnancy rate (50%), and erectile dysfunction rate (75% of ED drugs used in US) in the industrialized world -- those are the statistics. The US is the only country practicing routine infant circumcision (RIC). I call "causality".

Assuming you're not just trying to provoke me or something (shame on you if you are), the "logic" is that decreased sensitivity leads to less tendency to use condoms (and difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection), including long-term. and this is simply a cultural leitmotif (if there's a "Family Guy" for it, then it's a thing), i.e., guys want to "get to bareback" since they have no feeling otherwise (please see detailed nerve mapping studies done by the British). US hospital circumcision removes some 90% of penile nerves, including almost all Meissner's corpuscles (soft-touch), so you end up with other "facts" such that an intact man WITH a condom has more sensitivity than a US cut man with nothing on (you would probably have to go to European medical data for this one, too).

In sum: FACTS: US is far and away worse in all areas and is the only RIC country = CORRELATION strongly suggesting CAUSATION
FACT: greatly reduced sensitivity caused by circumcision (cut nerves = DUH! but the gruesome details are out there, too -- see British studies)
FACT: condom used deprecated in US cultural memes (please see US media for plethora of references)
FACT: less condom use = more STD, more unwanted pregnancies
CONCLUSION: most US men circumcised and use condoms less as a result (also not seeing them as a long-term birth/disease control solution) which leads to more STDs and unwanted pregnancies, both born out by statistics, US v. other nations.
CONCLUSION: given US 4% world population and uses 75% of ED drugs, US is practically the only user, i.e., only country where ED seen as common "disorder", US also only RIC country, hence, again, conclude circumcision to blame. Also, physiologically speaking, "Duh!" again (see British and other studies).

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