NaNo: Racing to the Finish

Hey Wrimos! helmet
It's five more daysclock, so divide the words you have left by five and give it a try to write than many every day, or take your average and multiple by five and that's how many more you will likely have shipand try to do a bit better.
One nice thing about nano is that you don't feel bad about spending every spare minute writing, with the knowledgesaturn that come December first, you can do something else...like revising (just for example). I apparently didn't have anything better to do today and spent the whole day writingwomanlute. I guess I proved that I can knock out the nano daily average of 1,700 words in about an hourclock, given a pretty good average over a large data sample (all day today, I mean). Could I have done something else? Definitely. Should I do something else most of the rest of the year? Ditto on that one. Are my back and butt sore?dragon Pretty much. Did I eat three meals in a coffee shop? Guilty as charged and thank G*d they had PB&J.
I still have a ton of stuff to write on my novel, so I'm going to keep on going.
Write-ins coming up: we're having our usual write-in tomorrow, there will probably be one on Sunday either in Lewiston at The Blue Lantern, or in Genesee, or at Café Artista in Moscow—stay tuned!
In other news, it looks like Moscow has crushed Pullman, with our blowing past a million words and not looking back, and their still sucking wind in the six-digit doldrums.  Go Moscow!  But it's too early to give in to complacency.
Write on!
Your ML, Jay helmet

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